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This licence is Active for - Licenced as: Cosmos

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a server-side admin panel created by Earl Grey to help maintain and monitor website activity. All code is hand written and customized to purpose without the use of any third-party framework.

Cosmos as standard comes with the following features;

  • User Management - View, moderate and maintain site users
  • Admin Levels - Assign admin to various levels to access specific content/features
  • Admin List - Auto-Generate list of Admin based on assigned levels
  • Hermes - Ticket System designed to monitor, track and respond to user submitted tickets
  • Admin Log - Tracks any edits made to users via Cosmos. Can be customized to any other site activity
  • Reputation Log - System for adding 'Reputation' reports to monitor positive/negative user behavior


Cosmos is created and owned by Michael Phelps known also by the alias Earl Grey and is licenced under Lostfables (

Lost Fables at all times retains ownership and all rights to Cosmos as originally set up and all subsiquent updates provided, including the right to reuse and redistribute.

This licence of Cosmos is granted to Cosmos for the sole use of the website This licence may be removed at any time should the use of Cosmos be deemed unacceptable.

Cosmos holds the right to use and modify Cosmos, however is not permitted to sell, redistribute or reuse outside of the permitted website. All content within this instance of Cosmos reflects the views and opinions of the site Cosmos and not that of Lost Fables. Cosmos is responsible for any content used on the website beyond the base code provided by Lost Fables including the content by users.